Horse Weaving


Why Horses Do It & How to Stop It

"While a horse’s “weaving” behavior itself is not usually harmful, it can be worrisome for his owner."

"Weaving is a rhythmic swaying in place that usually involves a lateral excursion of the head and neck and a concurrent shifting of weight between the front feet"

What is Weaving?

"It’s no surprise that an intelligent horse cooped up in a stall all day may begin to negatively act out. Buy your bored horse some toys! "


"Moving to a new location, quickly adding a new herdmate, or abruptly weaning a foal from its mother could all cause lasting effects on a horse’s well-being.  "


"Like other stereotypic behaviors, weaving isn’t “curable”, per se. However, the weaving might disappear as suddenly as it arrived once he settles down. "

Is Weaving Curable?

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