How Much Does A Donkey Weigh?

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Donkeys make great additions to almost any farm since they not only make great pets, they can also be fantastic guard animals for smaller livestock.

A donkey can weigh anywhere from 200 to 1300 pounds and donkeys are classified primarily by their size, not by their breed.

Since a donkey’s weight can vary so greatly depending on the type of donkey in question, it is vital to learn about each of them.

How Much Do Donkeys Weigh?

A miniature-sized donkey can carry around 50 to 80 pounds depending on its exact size. A standard-sized donkey weighing about 600 pounds would be able to carry up to 120 pounds safely.

How Much Weight Can Donkeys Carry?

The weight of donkey foals varies greatly depending on the size classification of the parents. Miniature donkey foals usually weigh somewhere around 18 to 25 pounds at birth, sometimes even less.

How Much Do Donkey Foals Weigh?

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