How to Pet A Horse

Saying Hi and Staying Safe

Horses are big animals, some more so than others, but they are so soft, fluffy and friendly it is only natural to want to pet them. The great thing is, most horses actually love when humans pet them.

If you are visiting a farm with horses you should always ask permission before petting the horses. There are sometimes reasons why certain horses shouldn't be pet.

Ask Permission

Most horses will walk up and allow you to pet them. If the horse doesn't notice you or you have to walk to the horse, you want to make sure to do that in a way that won't scare the horse.

Don't Sneak up on a Horse

If the owner didn't say anything or you forgot to ask, the best place to start is the horse's neck or shoulder.

Where to Pet the Horse

You will want to lay your hand flat and pet your horse with the whole palm of your hand. Use gentle, long strokes.

How to Pet the Horse