Mixed Breed Horses

You May Not Have Heard About

Some of the most popular and versatile horses don’t have purebred pedigrees. Horses with unknown parentage or a significant amount of mixed breeding are called Grade Horses.

Anglo-Arabs are athletic horses bred for equestrian competition. With the speed of a Thoroughbred and the stamina of an Arabian, these horse excel at events like show jumping and eventing.

Anglo - Arab

Arabian x Thoroughbred

An Appendix Horse is a first-generation cross between a registered Quarter Horse and a registered Thoroughbred.


Thoroughbred x Quarter Horse

Both the Arabian and the Appaloosa excel in endurance events, and the ArAppaloosa gets the best of both worlds from its parents.


Arabian x Appaloosa

The athletic Desert Norman Horse represents an early form of the Percheron draft horse breed – refined and elegant, yet powerful and athletic.

Desert Norman Horse

Arabian x Percheron

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