North American Spotted Draft Horse – Origin, Types, and Cost

These spotted gentle giants have worked their way into the hearts and minds of breed enthusiasts across the country. Keep reading to find out all about this unique new breed.


“Spotted draft horses” have been around for centuries. The first official member of the breed was a spotted pulling horse named Charlie, out of a Morocco Spotted stallion (also known as a Spotted Saddle horse) and a Percheron mare.

Breed Characteristics

For now, Spotted Drafts must have pinto coloring (tobiano, overo, or tovero patterns) and must resemble a draft horse breed recognized by the NASDHA.

Basic Types

These horses have specific registration requirements that gain them entry into the registry. There are four basic categories for registration (Premium, Regular, Breeding Stock, Indexed)


Spotted Draft horses can vary wildly in price. A registered Spotted in the Premium class can fetch $15,000 or more. Young Spotted Drafts in the Regular class or mixed pedigree cost between $1,000 – $5,000

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