Nurse Mare Foals

Why Foals Are Taken From Their Moms


From puppies to Yodas, babies are just plain cute. And that parental instinct is easily stirred when we think of Foals, too.

Nurse mare foals are, essentially, the physical kick-starter for a mare’s milk production, so she can nurse another horse.

Nurse mare foals can’t be kept with their moms if the mom gets 'called up,' because there’s not a guarantee of enough milk to go around, and the more valuable foal is prioritized.

Why Aren’t They Kept With Their Moms?

Horses that are of draft stock are naturally heartier, possess strong maternal instincts, have a lower breed track record of rejecting foals and, most importantly, provide the most milk.

What Breeds Are Nurse Mare Foals?

Your orphaned foal should also be raised around as many other horses as possible so they can develop the necessary social skills and basic ‘how to act like a horse’ skills.

Caring for a Nurse Mare Foal