What Does


Mean in the Horse World?

"As you read horse articles and blogs around the web you may have come across the term OTTB in reference to horses. OTTB is an acronym for “off-the-track Thoroughbred”."

"All race horses that have started in a race will have a lip tattoo on their upper lip. This tattoo is different for each breed."

How to tell if your horse  is an OTTB?

"Most of the time, the purpose which a Thoroughbred might be useful for is determined by its size and body type."

Conformation and Height of OTTB’s.

"...both Arabians and Thoroughbreds fall into the category of “Hot-Bloods”. Hot-blooded horses are considered more energetic and higher strung than their warm-blooded counterparts like the Quarter Horse."

Thoroughbred Temperament