Breed Profile

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As is typical of any draft horse, the Percheron is a powerful and majestic animal. The Percheron horse is a breed with a lot of history and a lot of heart.

Percherons are elegant and refined in their build. They have sturdy but sculpted arched necks, and faces that have a touch of an Arabian influence to them.

Percheron Appearance

Percherons are well known to be gentle giants, with a commanding presence but a docile demeanor.

Temperament Traits

The one area to take caution with, though, is their grooming. They have heavy coats that can get packed and matted in wet, cold climates, regular brushing is a must. 

Percheron Breed Concerns

Percherons are still the horse of choice for parades, sleigh rides and pulling carriages. The largest team of working Percherons can be found at Disneyland Paris.

Uses for Percherons