Peruvian Paso Breed Profile

Peruvian Paso horses, also called Peruvian Horses, are an exciting breed whose unique features, gaits, and history make them a fascinating subject for any horse lover. Known for being one of the smoothest rides of any breed in the world

Peruvian breeders protected their naturally-gaited horses, avoiding the introduction of any other blood into their breed for hundreds of years. This resulted in the uniquely gaited, purebred Peruvian Paso we know today.

Peruvian Paso History

Peruvian Pasos’ coats can be in many colors including chestnut, bay, dun, black, brown, grey, roan, and even palomino.

Peruvian Paso Colors

The Peruvian Paso breed presents no particular health concerns. As with any other breed, proper care and feeding, as well as regular equine veterinarian checkups will ensure your Peruvian Paso remains in top health.

Peruvian Paso Health

In terms of price, Peruvian Pasos are a relatively affordable horse: they can often be found within the $2000 to $10,000 price range.


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