Pony of the Americas: Color and Personality in a Pint-Sized Package

The Pony of the Americas is relatively new on the scene compared to many horse breeds. With a registry founded in 1954, this breed has gained popularity quickly.

This breed is All-American in origin, with its roots in Iowa! Originally, the founder of the breed, Les Boomhower, created the pony by breeding an Appaloosa/Arabian cross mare with a Shetland Pony stallion.

Origins & History

The original Pony of the Americas had a maximum height requirement of only 52 inches, with a minimum requirement of 44 inches.

Physical Characteristics

Characteristics include a slightly dished face, a trait retained from Arabian influence, a broad chest, and a solid body. The pony should appear as a small horse.

Physical Appearance

POAs are prone to uveitis, a condition in which the eye undergoes an inflammatory response characterized by redness, swelling, watering, and squinting.