of Owning a Donkey

Owning a donkey can be a truly rewarding experience for farm owners. It can have its downfalls as well, and it is important for anyone considering owning a donkey for the first time to understand both the good and the bad.

Donkeys are not always the easiest farm animals to deal with and anyone that plans on getting one should first weigh the pros and cons of owning a donkey.

Most donkeys only cost between $50 to $200 depending on their size, age, and color.

They Are Affordable

Donkeys are relatively easy keepers and do not usually cause a lot of issues on the farm. They do not tear down fences nor do they require lush, grass-filled pastures.

Donkeys Are Easy Keepers

Donkeys make great pack and work animals, so many farmers actually use them on the farm to help with chores. They can carry heavy supplies, pull small carts or wagons, and can be ridden if trained.

They Can Help Out On the Farm