Controlling Rodents: Rat and Mice Control for Your Barn

Rodents leave trails of feces and urine and can even contribute to the spread of disease in humans and pets. Here are some ways to keep rats and mice out of your barn.

Keep Grain in Rodent Proof Bins

Rodent proof bins limit the access of rats and mice to the really yummy stuff, your grains and supplements. They are the best way to store grain outside of custom grain bins.

Utilize Rat & Mice Traps Where Feasible

There are many kinds of mouse and rat traps on the market for sure. Some are more effective than others. What you don’t want to do is use poison. Rats that eat poison don’t typically die at the location.

The Barn Cat

No rodent control article would be complete without referencing the ultimate hunter, the barn cat.

Keep the Barn Clean

Keeping the barn clean can go a long way towards helping minimize rodent populations.