Common Reasons

Horses are Gelded

There are a variety of reasons for gelding horses and a good amount of science behind the whole process. There are many advantages and some are more widely thought of than others when it comes to having a horse gelded.

Basic Facts About Gelding Horses

There is no one hard and fast age that all-male horses are castrated, however, veterinarians recommend – and most horses owners agree – on gelding a horse before he turns one year of age.

Considerations Before Scheduling a Gelding Appointment with Your Veterinarian

Before gelding a colt, they should be in good health and uninjured, as well as current with all vaccinations and deworming.

Complications of Gelding

These days, gelding complications are rare but they can happen from time to time. The most commonly seen issue is a swollen scrotum, with swelling that can then travel down into the lower hind legs.

5 Reasons Stallions are Gelded

1. Temperament 2. Requirements 3. Health and Long Life 4. Riders & Rehoming 5. Mares