13 Reasons Why Your Ranch Needs a Guard Donkey

Most people think of well-trained dogs when they hear the phrase “livestock guardian.” But did you know that donkeys can be excellent herd protectors?

These long-eared sassy equines are generally friendly and easygoing – but they’re tough, too. They can be stubborn, territorial, and aggressive towards predators.

Donkeys were domesticated thousands of years ago, and they’ve been an important source of meat, milk, and transportation ever since.

It's part of their job description

When it comes to a donkey’s instincts to “fight or flight” – they often choose to fight.

They stand their ground

A bear or mountain lion could easily take down even a mammoth donkey if they choose to, but foxes and coyotes usually won’t mess with a standard donkey – even if they’re alone.

They’re large and in charge.

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