5 Compelling Reasons to Use an Eggbutt Snaffle

Whether you ride English or Western, the eggbutt snaffle is a great bit to have in your collection. It’s great for young horses and older horses, green horses and finished ones.

The problem with some snaffles is that they can pinch your horses cheek when they are used. This is especially true of a loose ring snaffle.

It Isn’t Likely to Pinch


Each horse is an individual and their training should be approached based on the needs of the horse. Check out some mouthpieces you might find on an eggbutt snaffle.

A Variety of Mouthpieces are Available

Eggbutt snaffle bits make an excellent bit choice for almost any discipline. It’s the type of bit that is great to have in the barn to just grab and go. They make a great starting point if you buy a new horse.

They are Versatile

An eggbutt snaffle gives a nice, clean look to the mouth when the horse is bridled. While you shouldn’t choose any bit just because it’s pretty, in the case of the eggbutt snaffle, it’s just the icing on the cake!

They Look Great