8  R E D   R O A N

Horse Breeds

Red roan horses are horses with the roan gene and a chestnut base color. Such horses have a uniform mixture of white hair and red hair in their coat.

Missouri Fox Trotters can be red roan or any other roan color. They typically live for 20-30 years and can live even longer with top-notch care.

Missouri Fox Trotter

Haflinger horses typically have chestnut coats with flaxen manes and tails. However, they could also be red roan.


Icelandic horses are one of the most colorful horses in the world. They come in more than 40 base colors with over 100 variations. 

Icelandic Horse

You may come across some Curly horses with straight hair. Bashkir Curlies are gentle, friendly, and easy to train, and they have a life expectancy of 25 years. 

Curly Horse