Best Reins for Trail Riding

Trail rides are one of the most fun activities to enjoy with your horse. The type of reins you use for trail riding really need to fit you, your horse and your style of riding.

This type of rein is one continuous loop. Typically called rope reins , loop reins or barrel reins. The benefit of a loop rein is there is nothing to drop or fall to the ground.

Loop Reins / Rope Reins

Mecate reins are traditionally made out of horse hair but can also be made out of rope. This type of rein does not work well with a curb or shanked bit.

Mecate Reins

Traditional split reins  commonly used in the western world but can be good for English trail riders as well.

Split Reins

The best reins for trail riding are whatever you are comfortable riding your horse with. Remember that you should always choose quality over design.