Finding The Right Size Horse for Your Height and Weight

If you are new to horses, you may be wondering what size horse you need. Whether you are a kid or an adult, choosing the right size horse can be difficult if you don’t know what things to look at. What Size Horse Do You Need? The size of the horse you need depends on your height and weight. Most horses should be able to carry a rider and saddle that total 20-25% of their own body weight or less. This number varies based on the horse’s fitness.

Determining the right size horse based on your weight really has to take into account several different factors including: – Your Fitness – Your Experience as a Rider – Your Horse’s Fitness – What Type of Activity You Plan on Doing

Rider size becomes more important for horses under a high amount of stress. For most people getting started riding horses this isn’t the concern.

If you are wanting to learn how to ride or purchasing your next horse, you need to think about your skill level and your intended use for the horse.

Think about rider balance and how it affects the horse as well. If you are experienced at riding at all three gaits and can do so with up and down transitions without grabbing the reins or horns you have achieved a basic level of balance.