Colors, Genetics & Breeds

Unquestionably stunning, roan horses are very coveted in the equine world. Their unique coloring looks as if they have been permanently dusted with snow or powdered sugar! 

What is a Roan Horse?

Roan horses have a unique roan coat pattern, an even and visually appealing blend of white and colored hair within an animal’s coat.

Roan Coat Color Genetics

If a horse inherits the roan gene from at least one of its parents, it will have display roan pattern on its coat.

Red/Strawberry Roan

This is the terminology used to describe lighter chestnut-colored horses because they appear more strawberry red with the roan pattern. 

Grulla/Grullo ‘Roan’

They technically are not roans, as they do not have the classic roan genetic markers.