7 Popular Synthetic Western Saddle Brands

Synthetic western saddles have many advantages over traditional leather models. These saddles are often easier to maintain and cheaper to buy, so they are worth considering for your equestrian pursuits.

Some popular synthetic western saddle brands are Wintec, Cashel, Tex Tan, and King Series. These brands make different saddles, so familiarize yourself with them and their products to select the right one.

1. Wintec Saddles

Wintec is the most popular synthetic saddle brand in the market, but it is also known for its leather models.

They craft their synthetic saddles mostly from fabric or suede.

Wintec takes pride in their saddles staying steadfast on your horses no matter the weather or season. They also dry out quickly.

2. Abetta Saddles

This brand mostly makes their saddles with nylon and leather, though they use a wide range of materials in construction.

Abetta saddles are not the cheapest saddles in the market. However, you can be confident that your purchase will last as long as they are Abetta.

3. Cashel Saddles

Whether you are a beginner or not, a Cashel saddle may be perfect for your needs.

Though these saddles are typically seen in trail or endurance riding, Cashel also produces all-purpose saddles.

The saddles are usually made of fiberglass and pine wood.