Temperament of the American Quarter Horse

A Detailed Look

Quarter Horses are typically docile and very trainable. They are great choice for beginner riders and their versatility and athleticism make them a great choice for riders

Most members of the breed are not easily spooked, enjoy trail and arena riding and, with proper training, can become excellent horses for children and adults alike.

A horse’s temperament is influenced by a variety of different factors such as: 1. Breeding/Pedigree 2. Individual Nature 3. Nurture 4. Training

Generalities for Specific Lines: 1. Hancock Horses 2. Born Broke

When choosing your own Quarter Horse it may be wise to start your search looking for horses from specific bloodlines known to be calm, quiet and easy but, remember that each horse is an individual and temperament isn’t something that can be generalized across an entire breed.