DIY Thoroughbred Makeover - 71 Days

Thoroughbred horses are the elite performance breed in a variety of different disciplines. Though known mostly for racing, they excel in a wide variety of disciplines.

Each year there is an event called the Thoroughbred Makeover. Owners enter a competition and provide veterinarian recommendations in order to get a chance to complete in the competition.

Thoroughbred Makeovers

This thoroughbred gelding was purchased as a project horse. My partner wanted something suitable for low level dressage lessons, eventing and jumping lessons.

Thoroughbred Makeover Results

Day 0

What a difference a two weeks makes! We gave him a full body clip and you can see how the weight is packing on.

Day 14

Wow, look at the muscle on this thoroughbred! This results of this thoroughbred makeover were most pronounced here at 71 days. He came a long way and, competition or not, he was definitely a winner.

Day 71

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