From Standing in Mud


"Not only mud is a gross pain in the neck, but it can be unhealthy or even dangerous for your horse."

"Aim the rainwater away from your buildings and out to a place where it won’t cause a problem. Be sure to clean your gutters regularly and keep them free of clogging debris."

Proper Drainage is Key

"Pasture maintenance can be tricky, but these important steps can keep your larger pastures mud-free and looking great through the winter and beyond."

Manage Pastures Properly

"Put your important buildings and feeding areas as high as possible, and utilize slopes to keep horses from congregating in low points. "

Design your paddocks before the mud becomes a problem

"If you have actual thick mud inside your stables, you may want to consider creating better flooring with layers of gravel or relocating your barn to higher ground."

A Note About Stall Mud