Types of 

Draft Horses

Draft horses are famous for their strength, endurance, and easygoing nature. Over the years, different draft horse breeds have been developed.

Shire horses are the largest draft horse breed. These horses were used to carry men into battle. Over time, they were used for hauling, agriculture, and as war horses.


Percherons are one of the oldest draft horse breeds. Originally from France in the province of Le Perche, these horses were used as war horses before being later used for agricultural work.


Clydesdale is another large draft horse breed easily recognizable by height and mane. Clydesdales are a bay color and have marked feathering around their legs.


The Belgian draft is one of the strongest draft breed horses. It’s also one of the most popular draft horses in the U.S. They also have muscular, strong bodies, light feathering, stylish necks, and sturdy heads.

Belgian Draft

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