9 Types of Hay Horses Eat

Hay and pasture forage make up the majority of most horses’ diets, so it is important that horse owners know the different types of hay that horses eat and the benefits of each.

One of the most popular hay options that horses eat is timothy grass hay. Compared to other hay options, it contains a substantial amount of protein, at least 8%, and is full of fiber.

Timothy Grass Hay

Rye grass hay is another type of grass hay that some horses eat and it has been a staple hay for many years in some regions of the country. It contains high levels of fructans, which can be very detrimental for horses that are unable to digest it properly.

Rye Grass Hay

Coastal Bermuda grass hay is more common in the horse world now than it has been in the past, especially when local hay is hard to come by. This type of hay is often said to cause colic or extra dry manure in some horses, which can be due to it being harvested when it is overmature and its higher fiber content.

Coastal Bermuda Grass Hay

Brome grass hay is not an extremely common hay to find, but in many Midwest areas, it is a type of hay that horses eat. It s moderately nutritious for horses, usually containing at least 8% protein. It is easy to digest and very palatable.f them absolutely love it.

Brome Grass Hay