Types of Hobbles for Horses

Hobbles are generally used for safety, whether they prevent a horse from bolting into a dangerous situation, or to teach a horse to remain calm and still during an emergency.

“Western-style” horse hobbles limit the movement of the front legs, and are generally used in lieu of sturdy trees or boulders for tying.

Western Horse Hobbles

The vaquero style is traditionally made of a single, elaborately plaited length of rawhide fashioned into two cuffs and embellished with decorative fiador knots

Vaquero or Braided Hobble

Figure-eight hobbles are generally made of a system of leather and metal buckles, and is often worn as two cuffs around an animal’s knees or hooves.

Figure-Eight Hobble

Twist hobbles are made of a length of soft twisted rope or leather, wrapped around a horse’s legs and twisted to keep them in place.

Twist Hobble