Virtual Horse Games

 to Play When You Can’t Be At The Barn!


"Whether you are using a smartphone, tablet, video game console or a computer, there is a horse game out there that your kid will love. "

"This video game players get to play the game as Barbie herself and the character actually gets to ride the horses in the game." 

Barbie Horse Adventures

"Players are able to raise their own horses, design their dressage and watch their own farm grow and flourish. This game is available as applications on smartphones and tablets."

Horse Haven

"Players can raise horses from a foal and watch them grow up. It is a very fun game for kids and one of the best horse-centered PC games on the market.  "

Petz Horse Club

"All the games on this list are extremely fun to play and will teach any kid about the importance of taking good care of their horse."