25 Ways to Pamper Your Horse

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Horse Spa Day

Go out to the barn and give your horse the best bath ever. Shampoo and Condition their mane and just spend time fawning over them.

Deep Condition Mane and Tail

If it is too cold for a full bath. you can still deep condition your horse’s mane and tail. Go ahead and splurge on that expensive conditioner this one time. Your horse deserves it!

Mane and Tail Braid

I even have a mane braid tutorial on this site. Pick your favorite and try and recreate it with your horse. It’s fun for you and most horses will appreciate the quiet time being pampered and fawned over!

Full Body Massage

This is different from a rub down. Use your fingers or a massaging tool to really work into your horse’s muscles

Aside from this, there are other ways to pamper your horse. Just read the full story... It always helps to remember how lucky we are to be able to own horses and have them in our lives!