Ways to Put Weight on a Thoroughbred


There are several things you can adjust about your Thoroughbred horse’s day-to-day regimen to help it gain and then maintain its weight. Here are some ways to get them healthy.

Sometimes a horse will simply need its teeth floated, or filed down, to remove sharp pieces or uneven teeth that are causing pain and preventing adequate chewing.

Get Your Horse’s Teeth Checked

A significant worm infestation in a Thoroughbred horse can cause a decreased appetite, resulting in weight loss and malnutrition.

Have a Vet Check Your Horse for Worms

Many Thoroughbred horse owners that have a ‘hard keeper’ often find out that they are not feeding the recommended amount for their horse.

Make Sure You Are Feeding the Recommended Amounts

Thoroughbreds, especially those that compete or exercise regularly, need extra calories to keep them from losing weight. Their metabolisms are often faster than horses of other breeds.

Adjust Your Feeding Regimen Based on Activity Level