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Horse Genders  Simplified

Female Horse

"In the horse world, it can sometimes be confusing which terms go with which genders of a horse. What do you call a girl horse? Why are there so many different words used to describe a boy horse?"

"In this simple guide to describing horse genders, we'll outline how you can tell the difference between a mare, colt, filly, stallion, and gelding."

"An adult female horse is called a mare. Mares are typically easy to tell from geldings or stallions because they have no visible anatomical features under their belly."

What is a Female Horse Called?

"There are several terms that can be properly used for a male horse. Stallion and gelding are the most common for adult male horses. Typically, a baby horse that is male is referred to as a colt or a stud colt."

What is a Male Horse Called?