Thanks to advances in science and equine products available to us, horses today are living longer than they ever have before. Deciding whether a horse is a senior is no longer as simple as it used to be.

Horses can be classified as a senior by either age or a decline in physical condition. According to Iowa State University, a horse is considered a senior at the age of 20.

When Is A Horse Considered  A Senior?

As long as they continue to maintain their weight, digest food easily, and walk without any issues, you do not technically have to consider them to be a senior horse.

How Does Age and Physical Condition Factor In?

Ponies' and minis' small size can result in some complications like laminitis that can shorten their lives unexpectedly, but senior miniature horses can live up to 35 years.

Is Senior Status the Same for Miniature Horses and Ponies?

Do your best to prevent injuries when you can and try to give your horses the supplements that they need throughout their lives to help them down the trail.

How to Prepare Your Horse for  Its Senior Years?