15 Reasons Why Horses Foam At The Mouth

If you’ve ever attended a horse show or racetrack, you might have seen a foamy substance around the horses’ mouths or flying from their bodies.

But what is it? Is this “foam” normal, or is it a sign that the horse is in pain?

Here are 15 reasons why the foam might be flying.

1. It’s caused by protein: let’s talk about latherin.

Horse sweat and saliva contains a protein-rich substance called latherin. This substance turns the sweat into a slippery, soap-like solution. This helps the sweat slide off the horse’s body and improves their thermoregulation (a horse’s heating and cooling system).

2. Eating, drinking, and chewing.

Horses produce between 3 and 10 gallons of saliva a day. More than that is called “hypersalivation,” which is characterized by excess saliva production – your horse might be drooling and dribbling like a St. Bernard.

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