Wild Horse Hoof Care & Maintenance

If you have ever seen pictures of wild horse hooves you probably know they typically look amazing.

Horses in the wild typically walk several miles each day to graze and drink water. Their terrain can vary quite significantly depending on their specific area.

They may have to travel over any of the following:

– Flat, grassy land – Dirt and rocks – Mountains and Hills – Snow and Ice – Wate

Wild Horse Hoof Trim

In the wild, the “trimming” process happens naturally for horses (and donkeys). One of the biggest differences between wild horses and our own domestic ones is the distance traveled each day.

Overgrown Horse Hoof Problems

Some mustang adopters, specifically, have this issue when their recently adopted wild horse doesn’t come around to training quickly, for whatever reason. In these cases, the horse’s feet grow out faster than the horse’s training has progressed to where they can be trimmed.

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