Wild Mustang



 Training Equipment

When it comes to training a wild horse or burro, you will want to make sure you have the tools you need to get things done safely and efficiently.

* Provide direction. * Desensitize the horse to string touching his back, legs, head, etc. * The string portion can be used to help teach a horse to accept a “rope” moving over their ears like a bridle would.

Clinician Stick & String

The great thing about the ring rope is that the ring is wide enough to prevent the rope from being able to get “stuck” on the horse. No matter how tight it pulls, accidentally or on purpose, it is fairly easy to get loose and get off.

22′ Ring Rope

These mustang training flags are a great, lightweight tool.They are awesome for desensitization. Light weight and easy to carry.

Mustang Training Flag

Grooming equipment like a brush, hoofpick, spray bottle, etc are also a must have.

Grooming Kit