Worms In Horses: Types, Symptoms & Treatment Options

All horses are vulnerable to worms just like any other farm animals. Horse worms are so common, in fact, that every horse owner should deworm their horse at least a couple times a year

* Small Strongyles * Large Strongyles (bloodworms) * Roundworms (Ascarids) * Pinworms * Tapeworms

Common Types of Horse Worms

* Weight Loss * Scratching / Itching * Poor Coat Condition * Pot Belly or Pregnant Appearance

Signs That Your Horse Has Worms

The two most popular methods of deworming horses include oral pastes and food additives. Both methods are effective.

Treatment Options

Young horses are more vulnerable to worm infestations because they have not had any time to build up an immunity or resistance to parasites. You can begin worming foals at 2 or 3 months of age.

Worms in Young Horses