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Endurance Horse Breeds

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Endurance racing is a unique sport where horses and riders hit the trail in a competition of, well, endurance. Races are typically anywhere from 25 – 100 miles in length with various checkpoints along the way. Horses are checked by a veterinarian routinely to ensure they are fit and healthy enough to continue.

Arabian Horse

The Arabian horse is known for not only it’s grace and beauty but also stamina in traversing long distances. 

Mustang Horse

Bold and beautiful the American mustang has endured natural selection making him an excellent choice for endurance racing events.


An Anglo-Arabian is half-Thoroughbred and half-Arabian. Typically Arabian stallions are crossed with Thoroughbred mares although, the reverse does happen as well.

Morgan Horse

The Morgan horse is known for its versatility. It a horse that was bred to be able to work on the farm during the day and yet be elegant enough to pull a carriage by night.