Appaloosa Horse Facts You Didn’t Know


The Appaloosa is one of the oldest American breeds – it was developed by the indigenous Nez Perce people.

These horses are characterized by a distinctive spotted coat, but there’s much more to the “Appy” than just their unique markings.

Here are some things you might not know about the rugged Appaloosa horse.

The Appaloosa Is a Horse of Many Different Colors

While many breed standards discourage unique or uncommon coat colors, the Appaloosa Club encourages them. These colors and markings are accepted in any combination in the ApHC registry.

Appaloosas Have a Leopard-Complex

This gene is expressed in many different ways, and horses without the unique spots can still be carriers of the gene and produce speckled offspring. Anecdotally, the more intense the coat pattern is, the more likely the horse is to produce a foal with visible spots.

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