Average Horse Trailer Weights (with Examples)

The magic of owning horses fulfills many a dream but, once you have the horse, how do you get it anywhere. The average two-horse trailer weights around unladen, which means no horses and no tack inside. Each horse will add 800 – 1500 lbs on average, plus tack and any extras like water or feed.

1300 lbs – 1 Horse Bumper Pull – 2007 Brenderup Solo – Fiberglass with Ramp 1600 lbs – 1 Horse Bumper Pull – 2013 WW 5×10 Stock Trailer – Steel with Step Up 2700 lbs – 1 Horse Bumper Pull – Double D Trailers – 2019 One Horse Trailer Bumper Pull – Aluminum with Ramp

Stock Horse Trailers vs. Traditional Horse Trailers

Stock horse trailers are going to be lighter than traditional horse trailers. 

The number of horses you can fit in a stock horse trailer is dependent on 

– Whether the horses are hauled loose or tied. – How big the horses are. – Are the horses saddled or not? – How well do the horses know each other?

What is GVWR and Why Is It Important?

GVWR stands for Gross Vehicle Weight Recommendation. This is a value horse trailer manufacturers assign to each trailer and reflects their maximum recommended weight for the trailer.

How Big of a Horse Trailer with Your Truck?

Your trucks owner’s manual or inside door panel should be able to tell you how much weight your truck is capable of pulling.