Choosing a Safe Paint to Use to Decorate Your Horse or Pony

What paint is safe to use on horses? Non-toxic paint and glitter are the safest to use on your horse. Tempera, washable paint is most gentle and washes off fairly easy.

Using Paint and Glitter on Your Horse

If the paint is safe to use on humans, it is going to be safe to use on a horse, however, you will still want to adhere to the precautions on the label. 

Spray Paint for Horses

It comes in a variety of natural horse colors including black, white, chestnut and others. It can be easily washed out with water and shampoo.

Is Acrylic Paint Safe for Horses?

Acrylic paint is often labeled as non-toxic, however, it still is not recommended to let it come in contact with a horse’s skin. 

Livestock Paint

Livestock paint is designed for use on animals, but it is usually used for marking them for a specific purpose. For example, some cattle farmers use it just for identification.