Cribbing, also called wind sucking or crib biting, is destructive to property and can be dangerous to a horse’s health. In fact, most people have seen or used a cribbing collar like this one on a horse at some time or another.

What Is Cribbing?

Why Do Horses Crib?

Some horses will wear away their top teeth completely – making it difficult to eat the rough forage they need. Cribbers are also more prone to colic, so pay close attention to your horse’s behavior for symptoms.

Is Cribbing Contagious?

Many people believe that cribbing behavior is learned from other horses. Research suggests that this is likely not the case, but if horses are exposed to similar conditions that put them at risk for cribbing, they may do it too.

How Do I Stop My Horse from Cribbing?

Because every horse has individual needs, there is no singular way to stop cribbing. Unfortunately, this behavior is not curable, but with proper care and attention, it can be managed.

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