Horse Camp Activities That Are Fun For Kids and Adults


Summer is the perfect season to spend some quality time with your equine friends at horse camp!

There are plenty of activities to keep your campers busy and improve their horsemanship skills.

Here are some fun horse camp activities, designed for a variety of ages and skill levels.

Red Light, Green Light

This popular playground game works on horseback too! One person (the leader) calls out the directions and acts as a judge. Riders must move around the arena at the command of “green light,” and stop when the leader calls for a “red light.”

Musical Ground Poles

This game is like musical chairs but on horseback. Begin by placing a number of ground poles randomly around the arena. There should be one pole for each horse to start.Play some music (or sing, if you lack a good music system) – when the music stops, riders must position their horses over a ground pole.

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