Horse Mane Braids

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If you are anything like me, you love it when your horse’s mane looks amazing. It can be so much fun to give them a bath and then braid their mane.

Horse mane braids can get just as creative as human ones. I was lucky to be able to work with this BLM mustang who had a beautiful long mane, perfect for braiding. I’ll show you several different horse mane braids you can try.

To get started, you just need your horse, a brush, some rubber bands and maybe some horse hair spray. If you have a well-stocked grooming kit (like this one on Amazon) you are already ready to go!

Learn how to do a waterfall horse mane braid on your horse. Includes video instructions.

Waterfall Horse Mane Braid

The waterfall horse mane braid is a variation of a french braid. Instead of keeping all of the hair up in the braid, you allow some pieces to fall out. This is the end result:

waterfall horse braid at
waterfall horse braid at

I’m still working on a step by step text instructions for this braid but, in the meantime, check out the video I made using a different horse model. In this video, you can see I am doing an “inside-out” waterfall braid.

The difference between this braid and the one shown above is that the inside-out method the hair is braided under itself. Conversely, in a standard french braid, the hair is braided over.

Waterfall Mane BraidTutorial

Double Braid #1 –  Waterfall / Regular French Braid

To do this horse mane braid, first, you need to start with a waterfall like the video above. Then, you’ll use the loose hair to make a second french braid. The result is a double french braid like this one.

waterfall horse braid at
waterfall horse braid at

Double Braid #2 –  Waterfall / Inside Out French Braid

In the video above where we braid the horses mane, we use an inside out braid. When french braiding a horses mane, the difference between an inside out braid and a regular braid is whether you move the hair over on top of itself or under.

To create the look below, both the waterfall portion of the braid and the french braid were completed using the inside out braiding method.

waterfall horse braid at
waterfall horse braid at
waterfall horse braid at
waterfall horse braid at
waterfall horse braid at

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