11 Most Expensive Horse Breeds

While horses are one of the most expensive and time-consuming companion animals (both in starting costs and care taking costs), the overall cost of equine ownership can vary wildly.

"If you want to own a championship competitive performance horse, it will cost you significantly more than a pasture puff living in your backyard."

Here are some of the most expensive horse breeds money can buy.


For a  purebred show prospect, Friesian horses are one of the most expensive breeds out there today. These beautiful horses are elegant, amicable, and perform well in a variety of disciplines.

Cost: $7,000 – $100,000

Quarter Horse

The Quarter horse is one of the most versatile and most popular breeds in the United States. You can find them almost anywhere, at almost any price point.However, these horses often perform at top levels in the rodeo arena and racetrack.

Cost: $500 – $50,000


Thoroughbred horses are renowned for their athletic ability. Top performers in the racing industry can sell for millions of dollars. Racehorses who aren't competitive can typically be found for for much lower prices.

Cost: $500 – Millions!

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