180+ Names for Black Horses

"All black horses are highly sought after in the horse world, especially by those looking to purchase their first horse. The black horse has been popularized by media such as the Black Stallion or Black Beauty. Once you finally reach your goal and purchase that perfect black horse of your dreams, what name will you choose? In this post, I’ll give you over 180 name ideas for a black horse!"

If you are anything like me you may have grown up reading the famous books about black horses like the Black Stallion or Black Beauty. In both cases, those were boys so that is the perfect place to start with this post!

The top 10 best names for a black horse are:

8. Raven 9. Ruger 10. Velvet

5. Drogon 6. Morticia 7. Nero

1. Beauty 2. Bucephalus 3. Chez Noir 4. Dahlia