Paddock Paradise: Overview and Implementation for Your Facility

Are you thinking about designing a paddock paradise for your horses?

If you are looking to redesign your paddock or pasture to create a more natural and interactive habitat, then a paddock paradise might be the answer you have been looking for.

What is a Paddock Paradise?

A paddock paradise an outdoor equine environment designed to mimic a horse’s natural habitat. Horses, if left in the wild, naturally prefer to move in single-file lines across natural range trails looking for food and water. A study conducted by author Jaime Jackson is documented in his book Paddock Paradise: A Guide to Natural Horse Boarding.

Who Should Have a Paddock Paradise?

Virtually any horse owner that has at least a couple acres of available land can design and implement their own paddock paradise. If you want to maximize the land that you have and create a more natural feeling environment for your horses, then a paddock paradise is probably a good choice for your horse farm.

How Should I Design the Tracks in my Paddock Paradise?

If you have rocky areas or any terrain that you want to avoid and keep your horses away from, you will need to design your tracks around those areas. This may mean that your tracks twist and turn more than others and that is okay.

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