Percheron Vs. Clydesdale

When you think of those big, beautiful draft horses, two breed names that often come to mind are the Clydesdale and the Percheron.

How to tell these towering equines apart as we compare and contrast Percherons and Clydesdales.


Clydesdales and Percherons are big ol’ draft horses with a long history as European exports. They both share a calm, intelligent and level-headed demeanor and were working horses, helping lay the foundations of farms and cities at the turn of the Industrial Revolution.


Physically, they differ most notably around their legs. Clydesdales are famous for their thick, feathered hair around the lower half of their legs. While Percherons have a silky coat, and can have hair that is a bit thicker on their lower legs, they do not share the same cascade of ‘feathers’ around their feet.

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