9 Spotted Horse  Breeds You’ll Love!

Most equestrian enthusiasts are familiar with the splashy spotted coat of the Appaloosa. Or, maybe you’ve seen a miniature horse with some unique coloring.

But did you know there are other horse breeds with distinctive spotting patterns?

Here are some fun facts about 9 different horse breeds with spotted coats.


Height: 14.2 – 16.2 hands Common disciplines: trail riding, ranch work, rodeos and performances, middle-distance racing, Western sports, jumping. Not all spotted horses are Appaloosas, and not all Appaloosas have spots!


Height: 15.2 – 16 hands (but may also be under 14.2 hands) Common disciplines: dressage, show-jumping, general riding, carriage or performance horses The Knabstrupper (or Knabstrup) exhibits the same coat color characteristics as the Appaloosa

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