Considering Speed: Wolf, Lion, Bear or Car – Which Can A Horse Outrun?

Horses are well known throughout the world for their speed and stamina. Horse racing is one of the oldest human traditions in our relationship with our equine friends.

But just how fast can a horse gallop – and is it fast enough to escape from predators?

'A horse’s top running speed depends on many factors: its age, breed, size, condition, and general health.'

Can a horse outrun a wolf?

Wolves in North America were almost driven into extinction by hunters and ranchers.The quarter horse is one of the most common working breeds in the US, and they are often found on ranches in the same areas occupied by wolves.

Who would win?  The horse.

Can a horse outrun a lion?

A group of hunting lions can reach top speeds of 50 mph when chasing prey. Young Arabians in good condition can easily reach 40 mph, and maintain a strong pace for miles.

Who would win? The lion.

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