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Can a Horse Breed with an Alpaca?

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If you have ever considered raising both alpacas and horses on your property, you may have wondered if the two animals can live together.

More importantly, you may have questioned whether a horse can breed with an alpaca.

A horse cannot breed with an alpaca, although there are other non-horse animals that a horse can breed with.

Horses and alpacas are unable to successfully mate, even if they attempt it. Horses and alpacas can live near each other on the same farm without any interbreeding concern. 

Horses and alpacas may look like similar types of animals, the latter just being a little fuzzier, but that does not mean they can breed with other. The more you learn about horses and alpacas here, the more you will understand why interbreeding will never happen between these two animals.

three alpacas standing on grassland

Why a Horse Cannot Breed with an Alpaca

Horses and alpacas cannot breed because they are entirely different species of animals. Horses are a species of animal known as Equus caballus, and they belong to the Equidae family of animals.

Alpacas are an animal species known as Vicugna pacos, and they belong to the Camelidae animal family. Since horses and alpacas are not only different species, but also belong to different animal families, they are unable to breed with one another.

Animals that are in different families cannot successfully breed with one another, even if they tried. Their DNA is just too different to create offspring.

Can Horses and Alpacas Live in the Same Pasture Together?

Horses and alpacas should not live in the same pasture together due to the risk of injury for both animals, but primarily the alpacas. There are stories of specific horses doing fine in a pasture with alpacas, but that is not always the case.

Just because horses and alpacas cannot breed one another does not mean that it is always okay for them to live in the same pasture together. Occasionally, some horses do OK with some alpacas, but it is not the best option for either animal.

Horses and alpacas are such different animals that keeping them together in a same pasture can cause some serious issues, especially if a female comes into heat. Horses can fight with and kick the smaller alpacas, resulting in serious injuries.

alpacas in a secured fence

Can Horses and Alpacas Live on the Same Farm Together?

Horses and alpacas can live on the same farm together, even though most of them should not be in the same pasture together. When separated by at least a secure fence, most horses and alpacas will get along rather well, without the fear of injury.

If you want to raise both alpacas and horses on the same farm together, then you should not have any issues as long as they are not in the same pasture. The most important thing is to make sure any fence separating them is secure and ensure there is no risk of them ending up in the same pasture.

The best way to keep all the animals on a farm safe and healthy is to introduce them slowly and from a distance. Over time, moving alpacas and horses closer together on the farm should be easy, as long as you keep them out of the same paddock or pasture.

zebras on the grassland

What Animals Can a Horse Breed With?

Horses can breed with two different animals that are of different species as long as they are within the same Equidae family group. Horses can breed successfully with donkeys and zebras, although their offspring are usually sterile, unable to procreate themselves.

Most people call horse-zebra hybrids zorses, while horse-donkey hybrids are mules. Zorses are rare; however, mules are more commonplace in today’s world.

Horses cannot breed with animals from other animal families. This means they cannot interbreed with cows, goats, sheep, camels, llamas, or alpacas.

woman feeding a llama in the forest

What Animals Can an Alpaca Breed With?

Alpacas cannot breed with horses, but they can breed with llamas. The resulting offspring of an alpaca and llama mating is a huarizo. Most huarizos are sterile; however, recent research seems to provide hope for finding a way to keep them fertile.

Alpacas cannot breed with animals from other animal families, so there is no need to worry about them breeding with goats, sheep, or cows.  Since goats and sheep are smaller than alpacas and less likely to cause injuries, they can normally all live together in pastures.

Final Thoughts

Horses and alpacas can never breed with one another, nor should they ever be in the same pasture. It is safe for alpacas and horses to live on the same farm, so that is some good news.

Keeping them apart is really the best idea, not because of breeding concerns, but because of the potential for injury.


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