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7 Popular Synthetic Western Saddle Brands

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Synthetic western saddles have many advantages over traditional leather models. These saddles are often easier to maintain and cheaper to buy, so they are worth considering for your equestrian pursuits.

Thankfully, there are many western saddle brands that you can choose from. You just need to know the right one for you.

Read this article to see seven popular synthetic western saddle brands and learn how to choose the right saddle for you and your horse.

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7 Popular Synthetic Western Saddle Brands

Some popular synthetic western saddle brands are Wintec, Cashel, Tex Tan, and King Series. These brands make different saddles, so familiarize yourself with them and their products to select the right one.

1. Wintec Saddles

Wintec is the most popular synthetic saddle brand in the market, but it is also known for its leather models.

They craft their synthetic saddles mostly from fabric or suede.

Wintec takes pride in their saddles staying steadfast on your horses no matter the weather or season. They also dry out quickly.

Due to the durability and wide range of use of Wintec saddles, this brand has flooded the market.

2. Abetta Saddles

Are you looking for a lightweight saddle that is super comfortable and durable? An Abetta saddle may be the one for you.

This brand mostly makes their saddles with nylon and leather, though they use a wide range of materials in construction.

Abetta saddles are not the cheapest saddles in the market. However, you can be confident that your purchase will last as long as they are Abetta.

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3. Cashel Saddles

Whether you are a beginner or not, a Cashel saddle may be perfect for your needs.

Though these saddles are typically seen in trail or endurance riding, Cashel also produces all-purpose saddles.

The saddles are usually made of fiberglass and pine wood.

4. King Series Saddles

Though King Series saddles are rugged and durable like others, appearance and craftsmanship are a priority during design and construction.

Therefore, if you want style or a show-stopping saddle for a performance, King Series saddles may suit you.

King Series usually makes their saddles with nylon and leather.

Like other synthetic saddles, these are lightweight and will help you and your horse get the job done, but in style.

5. Tex Tan

Though this brand usually makes leather saddles, they also make synthetic ones. Their saddles are usually original in their look with leather or suede in lighter shades, like their name.

Tex Tan saddles are gaining more popularity; they could be the most popular brand in time.

They make a wide range of saddles for a wide range of uses.

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6. Circle Y

Here’s a brand that has been in operation for over 60 years. Awesome, right?

As a reasonably old brand, you’d expect Circle Y to make saddles with leather only. However, they make their saddles with a wide range of materials.

For example, Circle Y makes saddles with silver trim.

One thing you can know for sure that you’ll get from this brand is a long-lasting saddle.

7. Tough 1 Saddles

It does not matter what sport or activity you wish to engage in with your horse; there is a Tough 1 saddle for you.

These saddles are beautiful and lightweight, so you’ll surely love them.

Just as in the case of other synthetic saddle brands, Tough 1 makes their saddles with a wide range of materials.

leather western trail saddles with saddle bags

5 Reasons to Use Synthetic Western Saddles

Some reasons to use synthetic western saddles instead of leather saddles are their durability and affordability. They are also straightforward to clean.

Even if you prefer a leather saddle, having a synthetic saddle on hand for weather events or a failure emergency is a proactive strategy.

Some reasons to buy and keep synthetic saddles are:

1. They Have Less Weight Than Leather Saddles

Synthetic saddles are often made of faux leather, nylon, and fiberglass, so they are lighter than saddles made of leather.

This means that your horses will carry less weight when you use synthetic saddles.

The lightweight properties of these saddles also make them easier for horses to bear and make your work easier.

If you are a fan of simplicity in quality, synthetic western saddles are just the right saddles for you.

2. They Are Very Easy to Clean

The thing about leather saddles is that you cannot wash them with water or brush dirt off them easily without marking them.

You have to clean and dry leather saddles as gently as you can. After cleaning leather saddles, you must polish and shine them to restore their beauty and maintain their quality.

As for synthetic saddles, however, there are many ways to wash them (depending on the material used). You can brush and wash them at will, and you will see cleaner results immediately.

Unless you want your saddles to be shinier than usual, you don’t have to polish them after washing them.

cleaning leather saddles

3. They Are Easier to Store and Can Last Longer

So long as you do not rough-handle your synthetic saddles, they will last many years. This is because natural elements don’t act on them in the same ways as leather.

For example, leather spoils quickly in a humid or moist environment. However, moisture does not affect synthetic saddles as quickly.

Leather saddles can fade out over time, but synthetic saddles will continue looking new for a long time.

Even though synthetic saddles are easier to store, they will last longer when you keep them as you store your leather saddles.

4. They Are Readily Available

It does not matter where you are presently, you can usually find a synthetic saddle that suits your needs. Their distribution is widespread.

Leather saddles are available, but synthetic ones are more readily available as they are easier to produce. This is why you can find them everywhere.

If you want a saddle with specifications according to your and your horse’s needs, you will most likely find a suitable synthetic saddle before a leather saddle.

Therefore, start your search for western saddles with synthetic ones if you have specific needs.

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5. They Are Cheaper

After considering all the benefits of synthetic saddles, you may think they will be expensive. However, these saddles are cheaper than the leather ones.

Leather is difficult to get. However, synthetic saddles—as their name suggests—are synthesized. Therefore, they are both readily available and cheaper.

If you are low on budget and need a saddle for your horse, search for a synthetic model. There is most likely a synthetic saddle that matches your needs and is affordable.

5 Things to Consider When Selecting the Best Saddle

Though synthetic saddles are excellent products, you must choose the right one for you and your horse, as there are many things to consider.

For example, consider your use of the saddle. Also, what is your budget? All these things are worth considering so that you will not end up with buyer’s regret.

1. What Will You Use the Saddle For?

The first thing to consider is the use of the saddle. Also, consider the different activities you and your horse participate in. It may be practical to look for an all-purpose saddle, but for your horse’s comfort, individual saddles for individual activities may be the better way to go.

For example, the saddle of a trail-riding horse differs from that of a horse that actively participates in games. Therefore, decide on what you will use the saddle for first.

When you have decided on the use of the saddle, search for brands from the list above that make the best saddles for that specific use.

As you can see, knowing what you want to use a saddle for directly determines which saddle brand you may buy.

A steer and a horse running in a roping event

2. What Is Your Budget?

How much are you willing to spend on your saddles? After knowing the specific saddle use, you may discover that multiple brands create saddles for your preferred use.

You can continue filtering out the right saddle by deciding how much you can spend on a saddle.

Select a specific price range and focus only on saddles with prices that match your selected range. You may just be looking at your saddle of choice.

3. What Is Your Preferred Size?

Just in case you haven’t already, please consider the saddle size you want.

Note that some saddles might be cheaper because of their size.

Therefore, to avoid buying a saddle that is too small or large for your horse, take the animal’s measurements properly to determine the best saddle.

You can find the best saddle for your horse (according to the size) when you consider the horse’s age, size, and breed.

4. What Is Best for Your Horse?

Aside from your horse’s size, other horse-specific attributes are worth considering.

For example, some horse breeds are stronger than others. Therefore, you don’t want to use a heavy saddle for a lighter horse.

Remember that the specific use of the horse also determines what saddle you’ll need.

5. What Do You Want?

You still have to think about your preferences. Get an attractive and comfortable saddle for both you and your horse.

Consider the material, color, and other attributes. When you see something that makes you happy, you will surely know.

To optimize the relationship between you and your horse, ensure that the saddle matches your wants as well as the needs of your horse.

Final Thoughts

There are indeed many amazing synthetic western saddle brands that you can choose from. After learning the advantages of synthetic saddles, choose the best one for yourself.

Remember that the best saddle is one that matches your needs as well as the needs of your horse.

Enjoy your western saddles and your time with your horse!